ArcInTex Hosted by AUT.

8th - 9th April 2021


The April ArcInTex Symposium will bring together researchers, academics and postgraduate students from across the global ArcInTex Network to discuss current issues, research and opportunities for collaboration around the theme of Future Living Environments. The program will include 3 live discussion panels; an online exhibition with an associated live forum to discuss work in the exhibition; and a PhD student colloquium (live) with as associated register of PhD projects and abstracts. 


+ online exhibition.

The online exhibition titled Material Practices will launch on the 6 April and run until 12 April. It is an opportunity for members of the ArcInTex network to present current research practice and build global connections with researchers in their field. We encourage presentations from research teams, practitioners and postgraduate students.


Please submit your proposal for exhibition by the 15th March 2021, 11.59pm NZST to Dr. Donna Cleveland  donna.cleveland@aut.ac.nz and Dan Collings dan.collings@aut.ac.nz .




The proposal should include: 

Name of team or individual 

Contact name (if a team submission) and email 

Position and affiliation 

Title of project 

3 photos of the work (in landscape format, 16x9cm ratio, minimum 300dpi) 

A 200 word abstract about the work/project 

A 100 word bio 


Work in the exhibition will be discussed in a live forum on 9th April.

phd projects &

phd forum

We invite PhD students (at any stage of their candidature, from those at the beginning of their PhD journey to recent graduates) to meet and network at the PhD Forum. This event is run by students for students. It is being organised by recent AUT PhD graduate, Dr Jyoti Kalyanji and current PhD  candidate Mitali Nautiyal. To facilitate introductions, we invite everyone who is participating in the forum to end us information about themselves and their projects to be shared with other forum participants in a register.  


Please send your information to jyoti.kalyanji@aut.ac.nz  and mitali.nautiyal@aut.ac.nz by the 15 March 2021, 11.59pm NZST. The register will be published and sent to forum participants prior to the event, by the 6th April.



Information required for the PhD register should include: 

Your name, affiliation and contact details 

The title of your PhD project 

A 200 word project abstract 

A 100 word bio 

Estimated date of PhD submission/ or year PhD awarded. 




Symposium Co-Oridinators

Dr Donna Cleveland, AUT - donna.cleveland@aut.ac.nz

Professor Frances Joseph, AUT - frances.joseph@aut.ac.nz

PhD forum co-ordinators

Dr Jyoti Kalyanji, AUT - jyoti.kalyanji@aut.ac.nz

Mitali Nautiyal, AUT - mitali.nautiyal@aut.ac.nz

Exhibition and publication design

Dan Collings, AUT - dan.collings@aut.ac.nz

Creative technologist + Website design

Charles Johnson, AUT - charles.johnson@aut.ac.nz

Arcintex Liaison

Dr Marjan Kooroshnia, Boräs