Synthetic biology in architecture

jaroslava frajova

technical university of liberec, CZ

Faculty of textile, faculty of architecture


Bio-living architecture and digital fabrication technology to create an adaptive structure.why ?: the future of humanity is in cities, temperatures are rising, building resources are dwindling,there is noise in cities. The building, which is super-heated by external climate, can cool theadaptive force in a natural way and materials from natural sources. Many biomaterials hasacoustic benefit too. Noise absorption is represented by flowers on facades. Another possibility isto use shaped and low-energy production of bacterial cellulos (BC) material with the insertion ofnanomaterials, standart fibers to special composite. BC also acts as a nano air filter. This is benefitfor the future living in the cities to. At the same time, the bendable warehouse can be relocated.The project react on unsustainable architecture and looking for a solution in strong possibilities ofnatural source (bacterial, green) and combine textile materials within modular panels and greenadaptive material for architecture, adaptive membrane in architecture. The biomaterials couldchange building climate and slowly evaporation of water in environment.


Work experience

Since 2016 Assistent of studio Textile design of Academy of Fine Art nad Design in Bratislava (SK)



2019 – PhD student in Technical univerzity in Liberec (CZ)

2014-2016 master program, studio fiber art, Academy of fine art and design of Bratislava (doc.MA B.Cepková) (SK)

2011-213 Ingeneering study program, textile engineering, Technical univerzity of Liberec (Ing. Jana Drašarová PhD.)(CZ)

2007-2011 Bachelor program, Textile and fashion design(Zuzany Mgr.A. Z. Veselá and doc. akad. mal. S. Krotký)(CZ)

2003-2007 High school of Fine art and craft in Jihlava, Fashion design and modelling clouths (CZ)


Contemporary work:


balistic wearing, innovation construction


science academy –special recycling by electrospinning to new nanomaterials


jacquard weaving, printing of textileExperiment: geopolymers, technical aplcations, 3D objects


Contemporary projects:

Interreg: material expert in interanational project between Slovakia - Austria

SGS: main participant, Internal univerzitas competition for PhD research project,

Plastic; reducing its use, replacing it with environmentally friendly materials, and analyzing its impact on lifestyle

All4science: cooperator


External stay

2018 Art Residency ARNA art and nature, (SE)

2015/2016 Academy of Fine art in Vienna (A)

2015 University of Banja Luka, Institut of Technology, Bosnia and Herzegovina, (BiH)

2010/2011 Study of Akademii Sztuk Pienknych vLodzi, (PL)