Learning environments

Friday - 9th April 2021 6:00pm - 6:45pm nzst

Chairperson:  Dr. Andrew Burgess and Colleagues


Andrew Burgess and NIck Sargent. 



Huri te Ao - Changing the World - the Changing World



The architecture programme at Huri Te Ao (the School of Future Environments) at Auckland University of Technology, formed in 2020, is rethinking architectural education in response to critical challenges and opportunities of our time, such as the global climate emergency, biodiversity crises, and rising social inequities. As we head towards a zero-Carbon 2050 we will increasingly transform our architectural, urban, energy, transport, industry and food systems. How can Architecture play a part in this major cultural change project? How can we be agile and active contributors in this urgent system change process? The co-created programme teaches architectural thinking and design through an integrated programme of design studio, communications, theory, materials and technology, and professional practice. This discussion introduces the founding principles of the programme and it's ongoing development.


6.45 PM – 7.00PM NZST.