danish textile-dying ecologies

louise permiin

Ph.D student at planet,

lab for sustainability & design | Design school kolding


Through a trans-disciplinary engagement, this Ph.D. project is focusing on the study of possible relationalities between Danish textile-dying industries and their sites ecology. It examines these understandings from a relational ontology; exploring the possible relationalities through embodied practices with an attempt to bridge knowledges between quantitative data on the industrial sites' ecology with qualitative bodily ways of experiencing their possible relations. This Ph.D. project aims to envision the present and futures of making embodied design practices to collaboratively support the sites’ managing of the climate crises.


My name is Louise Permiin and I am a Ph.D.-student at the Lab of Planet at the Design school Kolding, where I specialise in exploring bodily ways of experiencing relationalities between production and ecology. With five years of experience working in a cross-disciplinary rheum bridging hard data and tangible materiality’s Louise finds this method incredibly motivating for unfolding the climate crises. As a designer she aims to translate how societal issues and behaviours impact the environment. With an open design-approach and attention she seeks to bring reflection to our surroundings in order to create future sustainable actions.  



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