be my skin:

the art of pushing and pulling strings to materialize movement tapestry as a form of archival information and as a carrier of movement data

Paola Tognazzi


The aim of this PHD conducted at the Universities of Edinburgh and Napier in collaboration with DOVECOT studio is to research adaptative actuated tapestry: with the capacity to retain and communicate movement memories by shapeshifting, thus transferring them from a body to another one, in a physical and tactile way.   


This research emphasizes the central role of materiality to mediate the tactility of human experiences. 


The base of this research is to investigate weaving textural dimension in relation to the structural one (PATTERNS MECHANICS) to embed smart materials, in such a way to create a symbiotic process of shape transformation between the data instructions and the textile.  


The purpose of this work is to analyse: 

  • Weaving patterns and cut as major variables to create textiles with the capacity to absorb and reflect the presence of smart materials; 

  • the application of coding visualization software tools to explore tactile and dynamic textiles patterns variations;  

  • Similarities, advantages and limits of tapestry and software coding in production processes 

  • How we understand, negotiate and translate the motivations, objectives and expectations within a collaboration between different crafting languages 


to extract the knowledge to develop tools and successful research collaborative strategies between textile weaving and interactive technologies. 

University of edinburgh


Paola Tognazzi is a Physical interaction Designer, Choreographer and multimedia artist. In 2008 founded Wearable_Dynamics. Since then, she has been working as expert physical interaction designer and innovation coach for I+D software companies.  Since 2014 she has been developing body informed reactive wearable systems with 3D printing technology, tutoring PhD students at the Tu/e Eindhoven, teaching Electronics and interactive wearables prototyping at the IED Fashion Futures Master. Her expertise lies in body anatomy, deep procedural routines to analyse filter, map data that make movements individual, special, different, to create dynamic patterns transformation visualization tools and wearables that give superpowers.